Uniquely Objective Messaging

HRP delivers consistent, principled content that supports a critical goal.

Building The Road to a Free Society

High Road Producers LLC develops and broadcasts radio shows and podcasts that support a single objective: freedom.

Our radio broadcasts and podcasts celebrate the heroic effort made every day by business professionals (“capitalists”) to create wealth for themselves while delivering value in win-win trade with their customers.

Further, we advocate the philosophical ideas that help motivate these heroes to continue their pursuit.

High Road’s show lineup features the most engaging and thought-provoking hosts in broadcast media, each with years of experience producing radio shows, publishing books and speaking at conferences around the world.

Each of the shows emphasizes High Road Producer’s unique approach to blend personal stories, political news, and philosophical ideas.

The value of our unique messaging is catching fire with today’s “producers”; successful business leaders and exceptional college students at top-ranked business and engineering schools. 

I invite you to take this opportunity to join High Road and connect your brand with our engaged, rapidly-growing audience of “producers”.

Keith Knutter


High Road Producers, LLC