Brand Promotion

Business Development Services:

  • Campaign Planning

    Campaign Planning

    We work with brand managers to develop a set of objectives for promotional campaigns using High Road’s shows, features and other media properties.
  • Online Multimedia Campaigns

    Online Multimedia Campaigns

    High Road produces digital promotional campaigns with pre-defined calls to action for to visit lead generation wepages, inbound call handling, etc.
  • Integrated Messaging Campaigns

    Integrated Messaging Campaigns

    High Road uses the innovative techniques to launch targeted messaging campaigns that promote brands to listeners of our shows/podcasts.
  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns

    Targeted Social Media Campaigns

    Using audio, video, infographics and more, High Road manages highly-effective social media campaigns across all of our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Direct Outreach

    Direct Outreach

    High Road executes geo-targeted outbound outreach and inbound contact campaigns that supplement broadcast & digital media outlets.

Case Studies

Auto Loans
Wireless Audio
VPN Service
Job Recruiting
Dental Program
Auto Parts Retailer
Online Grocery
Steak Distributor
Outdoor Security
Ticket Service
Car Rental
Business Phone
Luxury Hotel
PR Distribution
Online Divorce
Wine Distributor
Digital Health Services
STD Testing
Receipt Organizer
Vision Insurance
Wine Baskets
Ticket Membership
Emergency Preparedness
Gourmet Bakery
Home Automation
Coffee & Tea
Home Storage
Flight Service
Real Estate Services