Brand Marketing

  • Campaign Planning

    Campaign Planning

    We work with brand managers to develop a set of objectives for promotional campaigns using High Road’s shows, features and other media properties.

  • Online Multimedia Campaigns

    Online Multimedia Campaigns

    High Road produces digital promotional campaigns with pre-defined calls to action for to visit lead generation wepages, inbound call handling, etc.

  • Integrated Messaging Campaigns

    Integrated Messaging Campaigns

    High Road uses the innovative techniques to launch targeted messaging campaigns that promote brands to listeners of our shows/podcasts.

  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns

    Targeted Social Media Campaigns

    Using audio, video, infographics and more, High Road manages highly-effective social media campaigns across all of our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  • Direct Outreach

    Direct Outreach

    High Road executes geo-targeted outbound outreach and inbound contact campaigns that supplement broadcast & digital media outlets.